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Whoa! WHo the... wait... ohhhh!! never mind. What the heck?

Home is where the heart is.

When you thought you were cool, I came along.

Ridgecrest's finest, I mean most wanted.


The Weasil hunts at night.

The Tribe Lives On!
























































































































































Deadwood Skateboards

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Welcome to Captain Brak's site.

TODAY'S ADVICE: On my way to Oregon, again!
-Captain Brak

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November 30th - My search continutes, what for? No idea, but still searching.

November 24th - I dare you to persew legal action, you fucking christian. I swear to the Weasil, I will provail.

November 23rd - This is Elvis, he eats innocent little mice. We feed the mice too him. he murders them. sweet.

November 16th - what do you want from me? leave me alone!

November 11th - nothing at all, bored as hell.

November 10th - Nothing new, just bored.

October 27th - New pics under MUSIC, check it out.

October 12th - I typed some crap about The Tribe, posted soon.

October 5th - I hate you, I hate your dog, your life, don't speak to me, jerk.

October 4th - New pics under Captain Brak, and Coop. ALSO, check out this band called Alert, Alert. Skate rock.

September 27th - New pics under Misic, Brak, adn Jeremy. Sick ass show last Sat. Pics soon.

September 16th - Nice, Payday was yesterday, so I ate Del Taco.

September 9th - New pic in Black and white photo of my photo teacher skating!

September 8th - YA I'M MAD, SO WHAT?

September 7th - Saterday I played the mosty kick ass show. Puppy Crushers made their debut demo show with 3 songs and we rocked this town so god damn hard! pictures and video are coming soon on the Music link.

August 31st - Today I'm really pissed, I hate untrustworhty people. But I do love revenge, so bring it.

August 26th - New links for some good bands such as Lower Class Brats, The Casualties, and Blood or Whiskey.

August 25th - NEW DRAWING OF MINE, in the Black & White photo page!

August 19th - Theres a new link up for Shea's Rebellion's new site. Check out THE TRIBE, local bands and their pics coming soon!

August 16th - Well Its Carter Freakin Carson's Birthday today, so Carter, die. He went to West Hollywood, as you can see he went to a gay club and got a lapdance. HAHA! TROG DOR STRIKES AGAIN!!

August 10th - I went to see Dirty Rotten Imbecils last night in Bakersfield. They tore a new hole in the hole in the wall pizza joint, Jerry's Pizza. I still smell like I just ran fifteen miles. check out the new links on the links page.

August 3rd - Back in Ridgecrest, things went to crap in OR, so I am updating just so you know I'm not THAT lazy. Send me some pics and I'll put them up.

June 14th - I am getting ready to move to Tigard, OR. I am going to truck it up there in a week or so. I'll keep this site updated.

May 28th - I got the site up kind of. It's not completely working but it's almost there.

May 25th - I am trying to get this freakin site up and it's pissin me off!!

A question that is frequently asked by persons purchasing a tree is "how fast will it grow?" This is a difficult question to answer because the growth rate of any plant depends on site conditions and maintenance. In most cases, the growth rate given for a particular plant is based on optimal conditions. Quite frequently, however, our landscapes are less than optimal.

A tree evaluation plot in place at the Morton Arboretum near Chicago, Illinois may provide some reliable information. The test plot has soil that is often too wet in the spring and very dry in the summer. Once established, supplemental water and fertilizers were not provided. Trees are also competing with a stand of grass for water and nutrients. Trees were 10 feet tall (approximately 1 1/2 inches caliper) at establishment. Trees were ranked by their actual growth rate in the first 10 years after planting.

Trees rated as fast growing were at least 25 feet tall after 10 years. These included the American Elm ( Ulmus americana ), Silver Maple ( Acer saccharinum ), and the Sycamore ( Platanus occidentalis ). Moderately fast growing trees measured 18 to 25 feet tall. These included Green Ash ( Fraxinus pennsylvanica ), Kentucky Coffeetree ( Gymnocladus dioica ), Thornless Honeylocust ( Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis ) , Linden ( Tilia platyphyllos , T. cordata , T. xeuchlora 'Redmond', and T. tomentosa ), English Oak ( Quercus robur ), Pin Oak ( Quercus palustris ), Sawtooth Oak ( Quercus acutissima ), Shingle Oak ( Quercus imbricaria ), Red Maple ( Acer rubrum ), Sugar Maple ( Acer saccharum ), and Tuliptree ( Liriodendron tulipifera ). Slower growing trees were less than 18 feet tall after 10 years. These included European Ash ( Fraxinus excelsior ), Ohio Buckeye ( Aesculus glabra ), Ginkgo ( Ginkgo biloba ), Common Hackberry ( Celtis occidentalis ), European Hornbeam ( Carpinus betulus ), Ironwood ( Ostrya virginiana ), Norway Maple ( Acer platanoides ), Sweetgum ( Liquidambar styraciflua ), and Yellowwood ( Cladrastis kentukea ).

While the trees growing in this study are only a part of one study, the results can be applied to many of our landscape situations. Many homeowners want a fast growing tree in the landscape. However, we may pay a price for fast growth. Fast growing trees often have the problem of being weak wooded and break apart quite easily in ice and other types of storms. Thus, a fast growing tree near a home often becomes a hazard.








































































































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