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West Side!!!!!

Home is where the heart is.

When you thought you were cool, I came along.

Ridgecrest's finest, I mean most wanted.

Rage and Rage some more!

The Weasil hunts at night.

The Tribe Lives On!


























































































































































































































Deadwood Skateboards

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Philosophy of the Tribes

Kids growing up in the 21 st Century America are not schooled in philosophy as when they are young. Because of this the youth have been driven to find social belonging. With a mixture of disparity, adolescence, rebellion, and puberty, we confuse ourselves in figuring out our self belonging in this world. Us kids strive profusely to find our true-selves. The feeling of self belonging burns in the majority of the youth's hearts. Some think they have found it, whether it be a sports team, gang, posse, etc. when we finally “find ourselves” most of us realize that we have been ourselves all along. The genres in which kids try to hide behind are mostly phony. The music we listen to, the books we read, the crowd we hang out with, all define our self-being. When a group of people gather in friendship, relating with social status, I refer to these “groups” as Tribes. Tribes mostly are based on the way of life the members portray. Not everyone in these social groups believes in all the same things. Whether it be religion, race, sexuality, music, or habits, they over look the differences to accept each other for who we are and who we're not. They sometimes clash with other Tribes with opposite beliefs.One thing that keeps people united as one, without force, is RESPECT. If you can give respect and not expect any in return, that shows maturity. Respect is the reason I walk amongst these Tribes freely. I am accepted in most social groups in my town, even if I don't have anything in common with these groups, they still accept me as a peace-walker. I don't always like peace, sometimes confrontation is fun, but only if there is reasoning. When respect dries up, and the quiet get loud, people tend to take sides. These segregations destroy Tribes. Segregation for reasons never spoken, never combed out, usually rumors or some crap always end in hatred. I didn't finish this yet, damn.
























































































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